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Polyethylene Wax
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Low Density Polyethylene Wax

Product Description

It is easily incorporated in water and oil emulsions
It is an excellent emollient and support for moisturizers
It gives skin protective action of a non-occlusive type
It gives good "body" (consistency) to emulsions, oil and gels
It reinforces the action of detergents
It increases the protective action of sunscreens
Its elasticity and plasticity improve product efficacy by allowing thinner films and
It provides greater permanence on skin and lip surfaces,It does not provoke allergic reactions
It is compatible with many cosmetic ingredients


Product Description



Low Density Polyethylene Wax For Polymer Modification


 Density (at 25ºC, g/cc)  0.92  
 Softening Point (ºC)  107 + 5 
 Penetration (dmm)  3.5
 Melt Viscosity (@140ºC, cps)  400 + 100 
 Acid Value (mg KOH/g)  Nil 





• As a carrier and binder in pigment master batches production to provide wetting properties, thereby resulting in better dispersability.


• As a slip agent in PVC processing and compounding, by forming a film between the PVC and its extrusion equipment, resulting in improved productivity and power savings.


• As a processing aid in rubber and tire industry to provide release ability, viscosity adjustment, and compatibility; acts as a barrier between rubber surface and atmosphere that prevents atmospheric ozone to dry-up the rubber, thereby allowing the tire to retain its strength.


• As a lubricant and release agent in the processing of thermoplastic and thermo set resins, thereby facilitating better extrusion and reducing molding cycle time.


• To provide heat resistance, gloss, and improved flow ability to hot-melt adhesives; also acts as a viscosity modifier.


• To provide insulation and heat resistance in the processing of electrical products; also improves and adjusts softening point.


• As a heat and abrasion resistant in printing inks, thereby improving the surface and enhancing the clearness of printing ink.

• As a surface modifying agent in paints, thereby improving abrasion resistance and slip characteristics of coatings; enhances quality and durability.


• Protects car, floor, and wood polishes from air and moisture by acting as a protective barrier; also provides gloss and improves appearance and durability of polishes.


• To provide moisture resistance, gloss, hardness in paper & corrugated packaging; also provides abrasion resistance and acts as anti-blocking agent.


• Serves as a compounding agent for natural wax thereby improving surface hardness, softening point, gloss. Improvement in performance of crayons and candles.


• It forms a homogeneous solution with base bitumen on stirring and produces a marked reduction in the bitumen's viscosity enabling reduction in mixing and handling temperatures of the asphalt. This in turn results in a significant reduction of bitumen fumes emissions and CO2 (= energy savings) during such operations
Low Density Polyethylene WaxLow Density Polyethylene WaxLow Density Polyethylene WaxLow Density Polyethylene WaxLow Density Polyethylene Wax



Low Density Polyethylene Wax


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Low Density Polyethylene Wax Low Density Polyethylene Wax

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